Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boogie People

In an unusual break from tradition, Cindy and I went out tonight and had a good time. Eating, drinking, and dancing at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center's "Boogie Nights 2008."

There was food from many of the local eateries, like LookOut 49, The Blowfly Inn, Outback, Rumors, and Marig's. Thankfully, the Island View Casino brought some steakish stuff and there were tons of deserts. Otherwise, everything else was seafood. I would have starved without some sliced fillet and burritos.

They also had a plethora of drinksies. Many local wines (YES, we have wineries in South MS!) including a really addictive "sparkling" White Zin as well as an assortment of (ick) beer. And somebody brought several large drums of fresh made mojitos. And another clever lad came up with an incredible mixture of clear cranberry + Hpnotiq, of which I consumed at least six.

We took a snap on the hood of some freshly-painted VW Beetle. Click for a larger image, from left to right: Cindy, Carla, David ("Vote For Nixon"), Phyllis, and me. David and Phyllis were dressed up. The rest of us normally look that uncool. Especially me, with the gang signs.

Finally, the music was brought to us by Mighty McFly, a retro cover band that showed no shortage of energy and kept the jams pumping for many hours.

In my not-too-dependable-memory, it is the best time that Cindy and I have had for many years. And certainly the first time she's had more than a single glass of wine without paying a heavy price for several days. Good times had by all. I still have "Let It Whip" going through my head, and I'm planning to dress up like Disco Elvis, next year.

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