Saturday, March 08, 2008

This Olde House - New Rock

Just a short post, today. I put a fresh layer of insulation in the walls and boarded them up with new sheetrock. By "fresh layer of insulation," I mean "the first and only layer." Seems nothing in this house was insulated.

Fortunately: A) Insulation is cheap ($7 for 40'!), B) Insulation is easy to install (only thing I needed was a knife to cut it and a staple gun to fasten it into place), and C) Since the walls were already open, I would never have a better time to do it.

So now there's some acoustic improvement and temperature improvements. At least that's what I told myself.

Anyway, hanging sheetrock is dull and doesn't need much explanation. The only thing of note is that driving nails into 50yr old walls is not a light task. Any nail that didn't get hit straight-on would buckle. I don't know how well drywall screws would have worked, but I imagine there would have been an equal amount of trouble.

Just one picture (click to enlarge) of the hallway with its new layer of drywall. That ghost at the end is my spectral bride, Cindy.

Next on the project list: remove the archway, replace the light switches, replace the track lighting, get Troy to float & tape, get Cindy to paint, put up all the trim. Then I can put a fork in it, because it's done.

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