Saturday, April 26, 2008


When my builder, John, came over to demo the deck and carport in the back yard, we offered to do Miss Dees, my ancient neighbor, a favor by disposing of some concrete yard posts she wanted removed. Unfortunately neither John nor I knew the ground around her fence was a damp sponge. And John's excavator not only sank up to the treads, but it gouged man-sized holes in Miss Dees' yard.

Sadly, Miss Dees' brownie is no longer baked in the middle, and she thinks I should have been arrested for trespassing and destruction of property. Not only does she yell at me to fix it, she thinks every adult male on my property is me, and yells at them to fix it. She's yelled at my father. At my brother. At my father-in-law. I'm surprised she hasn't yelled at Liam, yet.

The other week, I put 2000lbs of sand and gravel in the holes. That settled down into the holes. And of course Miss Dees yelled about it.

Today, I put 20 bags of topsoil on top of the sand and gravel. Considering each bag weighed 40lbs, that's eight hundred pounds of topsoil. And I had to move them not once, not twice, but thrice. Loaded them onto the hand truck at Lowe's. Loaded them into my car. Then dump them on the holes.

After I filled and leveled the holes. I put down a thick coat of seeds. I forget the brand, but it has worked for me and I've filled some really ugly bare patches with them before. After they were down, I watered everything. Hopefully it will start growing in. And hopefully Miss Dees will climb out of my rectum.

While rolling up the hose, I spotted a couple of Cindy's friends. Two tiny green frogs. They were both green when I went to grab the camera. But when I came back, once of them had changed and was mimicking the color of the hose stand. The beauty and grace of nature. Made me smile. I needed that.

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