Sunday, April 06, 2008

This Olde House - Drywall, Doors, and Casing.

Troy came by to finish up the last layers of mud on the walls and ceiling of the hallways, as well as the ceiling in the kitchen. The interesting part of that adventure was when he whipped out the stilts to do the high points. Troy's a big lad. Built like a freight train. And it was impressive to see him waltzing around the kitchen on a pair of 3' stilts. He was extremely nimble and had the job wrapped up in short order.

All that is left now is to sand the excess and paint everything. Troy recommended a one-inch "lamb's wool" roller to give the ceiling a suggestion of texture. It won't do anything radical but will obscure any blemishes left over from the popcorn. Hopefully Cindy can get to the painting later this week. (She and the kids are off for Spring Break.)

After Troy left, I swung by Lowe's and wrapped up the order for five new interior doors. Since the walls are open, I'm going to replace all the bedroom and bathroom doors. Not only are the existing ones flimsy and misshapen, but they do not have any locks, and don't close all the way. We'll be glad to see them go.

In a rare stroke of fortune, Cindy and I agreed on Masonite's "Belagio" doors. We like the subtle curves on the panes. And the solid core should lend not only fire resistance but also afford some noise reduction. So I ordered five pre-hung doors with oil-rubbed brass hinges. The should be here in ten days. I'm ready now.

While I was at Lowe's, I picked up enough casing and floor boards to trim the archway and the floors in the hall. I wanted to get crown molding, but I'm still burning braincells on how to transition from the hall to the kitchen. So I'll pick the molding up next time.

When I got home, I whipped out my monstrous miter saw and the cordless finishing nailer and put everything in place around the archway. Even got spunky enough to caulk it, spackle the holes, and sand everything. Viola! All done. And, another project ready for painting next week.

A good day's work. My first real efforts since my neck began to revolt.

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