Saturday, April 05, 2008

MOVIE: Leatherheads

Cindy got to pick, today being her birthday and all. Glad she picked this one. Tremendously enjoyable movie! Leatherheads is easily one of the best movies we've seen together in a while.

Clooney plays the cunningly named "Dodge Connolly", a sharp tongued devil and would-be football star with the goal of evolving his sport from muddy boxing matches to seat-packing professional spectacles. Unfortunately, the "sport" is on the verge of dissolving. And the movie is about Dodge's attempts to catapult football into the darling of American hearts rather than the gunky cruft on the bottom of its shoes.

Very good acting. Great, timely writing. Good pacing and plot. Fantastic dialog. I liked the subtle blend of dirty subculture and the nostalgia of the Good Old Days, when everyone smoked, booze was an unhidden secret, and there were no helmet laws for motorcycles.

Certainly a fantastic date flick. I'd recommend it to anyone over the age of 30.

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