Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bar Phunk

Busy day. From the gym (1.2 mile swim) to Mom's (wireless firewall installed) to Grandma's and over to my favorite ultralocal drinking establishment: Irish Coast Pub. The proprietor, Ben put out a call for help, on Ye Ol' Facebook, and I offered my services. Turns out that beer (oh noes!) has been sloshing behind the main cooler, stinking the place of barely and hops! Everything had to be emptied, pulled out, and cleaned. Your wayward narrator was strictly muscle. Helped hoist a few kegs. moved the biggest coolers, and offered kindly words of advice for those about to scour away the pent up bar phunk.

Not a dull day. Great swim. Cold weather. And I did my good deeds. Valhalla, I came coming!

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