Tuesday, January 08, 2013


So I'm used to rolling to the gym, finding a spot up front, getting personal attention from the bored staff, walking into nearly empty rooms, and not having any problems getting on the machines. Then comes the damn New Year!

I get there yesterday, straight from work, to find the parking lot is packed. The check-in is PACKED. The locker room is PACKED! And all the machines ARE PACKED!!! The whole place is full of Future Resolution Breaking TOURISTS, hogging my space, breathing my air, and consuming my personal gym resources. They've been vegging all year, but now they want to invade my gym when I'm trying to get my fitness on. (sigh)

If 10% of these people make it 90 days, I'll be impressed. I don't know the exact numbers, but I bet the gym is predicated on only 20% of people ever sticking to their goals. The other 80% keep paying, but never show up after a certain period of time. Gotta find somebody who works there that will covertly share their secret sauce.

Of course, here I am in my 40s, finally going to the gym year round. How long did I pay without going? How long was I one of the 80%? And does the gym secretly lose money because I go 5+ days a week? 

Anyway, I'll be glad to have the place to myself again. 30 days? 90? Won't be soon enough for us geeky gym rats!

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