Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brief Relief

Still not feeling right. Overslept by SEVERAL hours. Missed a run in Biloxi because I was so tired. Tried to do a 10K training run through the neighborhood. Threw in the towel after just over three sloppy miles. Completely NOT into the run. And my time showed.

Found brief relief in food. A incredibly delectable cheese burger. And a cup of duck gumbo. Yes, duck. Yes, gumbo. Both from Lookout. Bit loud. (Exposed brick walls and yards of glass are poor audible insulators) Couple of party people. Nice service. Eeeeexcellent grub. Especially the duck gumbo. Perfect for when the soul is worn thin.

Chased it down with tunes and beer. Initial sounds courtesy of The Quarter. And an odd quartet called: Dirty Play. Lured in with some sounds from Black Crows, then broke into unrecognizable renditions of songs from AC/DC and KISS. Not sure about those guys. Never have guessed any of them were in a band you encountered them on the street. One beer. Small. Yuck tunes. Didn't stay long.

Final stop: Irish Coast Pub. Loud. Busy. Slow on the service. Couple of Angry Orchards. Some covers from the multi-talented Ian Taylor. Cops aplenty on the roads. Stayed mostly sober. And called it an early night.

Made up for the bad run. But hope my awesomeness returns soon. Bah humbug.

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