Sunday, January 13, 2013

Series of Trainwrecks

Sunday starts off with a loud bang. Loud meaning an insistent, semi-silent drone. Bang meaning a cell phone skittering across the nightstand like a hungover. It is four in the morning. Either somebody is in jail, or the ER. Or it is Las Vegas. And something is broken. Badly enough that multiple people are affected. And they want it fixed. Regardless of the time. Which results in a two hour adventure. Ultimately due to somebody mis-typing a password.

Next up? Big Red decides to stage a revolt against bedtime. Totally not going down without a fight. Fight meaning a Golden Globe worthy dramatic performance of how she cannot POSSIBLY go to sleep because the rain is keeping her awake. And 8:24P is far too soon (as opposed to her normal 8:30P) She ISN'T ready. She CAN'T do it. (That terribly difficult process of sleeping.) But! She can try, if she's in Mom's bed. Which requires at least an hour delay on Dad's schedule. Even though he's tired from the early wakeup call.

Any other adventures? Glad you asked! ? How about Ol' Liam and his new friend: The Cough. They met Friday. Quickly turned into bestest buddies. Now they're apparently inseparable. Especially at night. Like, when the parents are trying to sleep. You know, that rare gem in the dark jewelry box of their day? Um, yeah. That quickly turns into an endless dance of drifting off, suddenly hearing The Cough, checking on Ol Liam, and getting back in bed with muttered prayers for sleep. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

And thus Sunday concludes as a series of trainwrecks. Up too early. Back too late. And no serious sleep available for those in need.

Where ya at, Monday? Bring the thunder!

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