Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Day - 2013

Hello, 2013. Nice to meet you! Be kind. Okay?

Started with a haphazard bike ride through north Gulfport. Guess the spirit was upon me because I crushed the majority of it. Was averaging around 20MPH and Lisa wasn't able to keep up. (Never done that!) On the way back... crazy strong headwind! Slowed me down from 20MPH to just over 14MPH. Thought that I was tired, but everyone else was affected, too. Ended up with almost 18MPH average. Pretty happy, given the conditions.

Cleaned up and went to visit my Grandfather's grave. Would have been 93 today. Died 5yrs ago. On my parents' anniversary.

I think about Doe all the time. Especially when I'm running. Sometimes I feel like giving up and thoughts of him bring me strength. Sounds strange, but I thank him for his energy. For inspiring me. If it is possible and he is out there, I know he's watching. And I hope in some small fashion I make him proud.

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