Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pub Run - 01/09/13

Pretty sure it was January when I woke up today. Then tonight's run. Approaching seventy. Fog to the point of slicking my glasses. Needed windshield wipers. And shorts. Drenched in sweat. Could have run shirtless. If I weren't in mixed company. Brief respite from a mild wind. Except it was so strong it slowed our first mile considerably. Four miles in 39 minutes and some change. Not my best run. But not horrible. All things considered.

Supposed to have a drink and grub with Jason. Didn't show. Grubbed solo. Delicious concoction of fried peanut butter and chocolate with caramel sauce. Terribly destructive. Likely twice the calories that were already burned. But worth the effort.

Hot night. Cold beer. Didn't die from the run. Not bad of an old geek.

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