Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PR In The Pool

Thinking about the pool all day. Haven't had a challenge in a while. Way too comfortable. Complicit. Need to kick it up a notch. Make a new goal. Hit a new PR in the pool.

Wanted it. And got it. Sixty laps. 3000 meters. About 1.85 miles. Further than I've gone. And (imagine this!) I didn't puke, cry, or die.

Took the better part of an hour. And my shoulder (the wounded one) put up a brief fight. But in the end, victory was mine.

I'll stick with it for a couple of weeks. Won't be long before the lake is warm enough for open water swims. And I'll pick up from there. But for now, I measure my life in a series of small victories, and one more is in the books.

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