Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Nexus

Old phone had an accident. Involved in a hit and run. With some steel stairs. On the daily walk to the car. Two flights of tumbling. It survived, but was scarred for life. And often required several reboots a day as a result.

Replacement phone arrived today. New Nexus 4. From Google. (Courtesy of T-Mobile.) Bit of back story, the initial release flew off the shelves. They've been unavailable for months. Google finally restocked them yesterday, the 23rd. I received mine less than 24hrs after ordering it!

Small box. Nice and light. Easy to open. Phone. SIM ejector widget. Charger. Simple instructions. Fired it up. Gave it my Google account information, and it did EVERYTHING else. Cannot imagine it getting any easier or less painful.

Initial reactions upon using the new Nexus: Wow this thing is light. Wow this OS is smooth (thanks to Jelly Bean!) Where's the SD slot? (There is none.) The screen is huge. huge The screen loves fingerprints. It loves wireless hotspots. It automagically configured itself based on settings from my Nexus 7, I barely had to do anything. Enclosed battery, but built in induction coil for wireless charged. Front facing LED? Hope it does something clever. Guess I'll store everything on my gDrive. Maybe I need more space?

Including a picture of both phones. New hotness on the left. Busted ass old crusty on the right. Overall, very happy with the phone. Painless setup. Intuitive interface. Crisp response. Staggering video performance. All the clever Google widgets tie together flawlessly. Simple. Clean. Efficient. That's how technology should work.

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