Monday, January 07, 2013

Welcome to the BOSU Ball

Rocking a new core routine!

  • Myotatic crunches on a bosu ball, 10 x 3 sets
  • Transverse Abdominal contractions, 10 seconds x 3 sets
  • and (next time!) adding planks, 60 seconds x 3 sets
Haven't specifically worked my abs in MONTHS. Either I'm doing those exercises wrong, or I'm in better shape than I thought. They weren't EASY, but they didn't clobber me, either. And I was the only one in the house that could do myotatic crunches. Maybe hold some dumbbells next time I do them? 

Anyway, hoping that working my core will help with my running. Make it easier or more effective. Longer strides. Higher knees. That sort of thing.

Gonna give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes. Felt it a LITTLE today. Hoping to feel it more moving forward. But, as usual, lots of my experiments have negligible results. I'll stick with what works and ditch the rest. I don't have time or sanity left for ineffective adventures.

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