Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pub Run - 01/30/13

Half marathon on Saturday. 23 mile bike Monday. 1.8 mile swim yesterday. And nearly 10K tonight. Quite a week for your wayward narrator.

Run went well tonight. Pretty sore the first mile. Warmed up by the end of the second. And at the midway point, a trio of great runners were returning so I dropped behind them. Kept telling myself to stick with them until the end of the 4th mile. Breathe and stay with them. Try to relax. Find a rhythm. And DON'T QUIT. 

Didn't quit. My miles with them were my fastest all night. Averaged 8:34/mile. If only I could keep that pace on my own, for an entire 5K, I'd be a happy camper. Something to shoot for at least.

10th Pub Run for me. Supposed to get a shirt, or a mug, or something. Allan said they're still working on it, but I was the first person to hit the number. 

Stuck with it every week. And I'm proud of myself. Not bad for a pasty ol' computer geek.

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