Saturday, January 05, 2013

Running For The Beads - 2013

Let's run! Perfect weath for a Souther Fried 5k! 45 degrees and lightly raining. The Gulf Coast Carnival Association's first ever Race For The Beads, in Biloxi, MS. Not the most pleasant of days. Not a very big crowd. Not the most memorable route. But the roads were nice. The people were festive. And the after-party included non-seafood jambalaya along with an assortment of beads and adult beverages. So I have a good time. Plus, my bro-in-law was there with some of his family. He beat me by about a minute. His daughter, Lindsey beat me by three minutes. But for an old pudgy geek, I was able to hit a PR and officially finished in something like 26:19. But that was 3.19 miles. 3.1 miles and I probably hit 25min and some change, which is alllll new territory for me! Over all, good event and I look forward to the next one!

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