Friday, January 18, 2013

Fitness Friday - More Than You're Doing Now

One of my biggest struggles in getting better. Faster. Stronger. Further. I hit these plateaus, especially with running, and somehow my brain fails to realize what I have to do next. And I think many non-athletes, like me, do the same. But the answer is always going to be the same: Do more than you're doing now.

I started my running program on treadmills. When that stopped producing results, I moved on to the elliptical. Then the indoor track. And finally the road. From struggling to do 5K, I eventually started going 10K. And now I find myself working on half marathons. Always moving forward, gradually progressing. Slowly doing more and more.

Biking went the same way, slowly doing more. Swimming went even slower. And I am still making gradual progress on weight training.

Plateaus are normal. They're a sign that our body has adapted and can do more. Our brain doesn't want to accept it. Doesn't WANT to do more. But that's the only way to improve. At least for me.

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