Saturday, January 12, 2008

Contemporary Productivity

A short-term goal of mine is to unclutter the various spaces in my life: work, home, car, gargage, mind. To meet that goal, I cleaned out my closet and dresser for the first time in years. I pulled out anything I haven't worn since we moved back to the Coast and anything I don't plan to wear this year. Ended up with bunches of shorts and t-shirts and button-ups and some faded bluejeans. I'm going to donate them to the Humane Society. I hope they find a good home for my former duds. They served me well, but I'm past the "torn jeans" and "concert shirts" stage in my life.

Also managed to capture several hours of video off the camcorder and load it onto the PC for future posting. The kids and Cindy sat with me and watched most of it. Brought back some memories (snow in TN, Meg's bday, Liam's bday) and inspired me to record more of the events in our lives. I really don't want to lose these days, while the kids are young and loving. God knows I'll probably have to edit out most of their teen years. My collection of video will go from, "Hey, we're at Disney World," to "Meg's first day of college."

And snuck in some gym time. Shoulders and legs. Four more miles on the treadmill. Up to 16 miles this week. I don't think I ran that much in the first twenty years of my life combined.

Going to keep cleaning tomorrow. Hopefully get more drawers organized, more clutter removed, and maybe even get some stuff on eBay. I don't need much of this crap, but somebody (somewhere) might pay good money to add it to their collection.

The exchange of clutter from one household to the next: contemporary productiviy.

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