Saturday, January 12, 2008

Old baggage

My family played a big role of my return to the Gulf Coast. And my Father was a big part of that decision. He's always had a huge influence on my work ethic. I grew up seeing that working hard and treating people with respect is the foundation of a successful career.

In 2005, before Katrina, he received an award for Employee Of The Year. Out of 3600 employees! I moved down and joined him, not long after that. Everyone knows him. Everyone knows my Mom, too. Jason and I just ride their coat tails.

But today was Dad's last day working Front Services. After four (or five?) years, he's saying goodbye to the crowd. But he's only changing roles. Going from the front of the house, to the back of the house. Like me, he's going to be an ENGINEER! But unlike me, he's working with the real engineer group, doing repairs and changes to the property. I just move packets.

So it is a new adventure, for Dad. I wish him luck. I know he'll continue to make us proud, no matter what he does.

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