Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MOVIE: 28 Weeks Later

A notable sequel that fluidly picks up with the first left off.

Only six months after the "Rage Virus" spread across the population of Great Britain, America has stepped up and uses its military to help to secure a piece of London for the survivors. They're supposed to repopulate and start again. But (imagine this) not everything goes according to plan.

I thought the corpse of Briton was done well. The protocols they followed to re-establish the population weren't too off the scale. And I enjoyed the gradual build up of tension as the protagonist crept toward the "you know it's coming" moment.

Once the action began, it rarely stopped. Lots of the ol' ultra violence ensued. (It had to, this is a zombie flick, after all.) The heroes dwindle. The villains multiply. Escape dangles just out of reach. Fairly formulaic. Fans of the genre will rejoice.

However, one scene was too much for me. I think any viewer will know it when they are upon it. It still haunts my thoughts. I wish I could un-see it. But the damage is done.

One over-done scene aside, it was a worthy successor to the first. And I'd recommend it to anyone with a tougher stomach than mine and an extra hour to (pardon the pun) kill.

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