Monday, January 07, 2008

Knot here

At two in the morning, the sound of a coconut hitting the floor is not a good thing. When it is quickly followed by "owe... owe... owe!" you pretty much know something has gone wrong somewhere in the house.

This something happened to be Liam falling out of bed and clonking his head on either his bed frame, or the floor. Neither of which is particularly soft.

To further complicate the matter, somehow he managed to hit the BACK of his head. And the resulting knot (click picture to see where it could be found) was the size of a lush, full grown strawberry.

He whimpered a good bit. Cindy babysat him until he drifted back to dreamtown. Then she (I SWEAR!) checked him every two hours to make sure his motor functions and mental facilities were still intact. I don't know exactly how she ascertained his abilities at 4AM. But I have no doubt she did it, like clockwork, every two hours. Meanwhile, I slept.

It made for a good story in the morning. And Cindy's already planning to wrap his bed frame in large, cushy towels.

If she could, she'd pad the whole floor. Just in case!

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