Monday, January 14, 2008

MOVIE: Michael Clayton

I missed this one when it was on the Big Screen. I wish I had seen it when it was out, with Cindy and some popcorn.

It is a tale of morals, or the lack of them. Risk has reward on many stages of this grand theater we call life. And throwing away your principles can bring a large return on investment.

In the movie, a powerful NYC law firm has abandoned all moral standards and attempts to conceal evidence while will prove their client (an ominous agriculture company) willingly brought a poisonous product to market and (*shudder*) traded the death of untold farmers for a tidy profit.

Michael Clayton is a "fixer" for that law firm. He works behind the scenes. Greasing palms. Calling in favors. Making the right introductions. He's the firm's dirty little secret. Their aces up the sleeve. At least until he uncovers the evidence they've been doing their best to bury. And then he has a moral decision to make.

Opposite of Michael is the "Lead Council" for the law firm. She's outward cool and composed, seemingly capable of cutting down anyone who gets in the way of victory for her firm. She's a viper in the tall grass, slithering around in the shadows, waiting for an opportune moment to inject her venom. The Yen to Clayton's Yang. His counterbalance.

They dance. Lock horns. Almost get down to fisticuffs. In such conflict, there is only ever one victor. And their duel is an enthralling one, throughout the whole movie.

All in all, a smooth, enjoyable flick. Good pacing. Creative narrative elements. Great dialog. World-class acting. Well worth the price of admission. And sure to rack up a number of awards in the near future.

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