Sunday, January 20, 2008

MOVIE: Cloverfield

Interesting cinematography. Good (though all too rare) special effects. A few good lines.

Otherwise, a wearisome snoozer.

Ineffective acting. Unimpressive and fairly predictable plot. Not enough special effects. The ending is disappointing. Too much confusion and too much pointless rampaging. The monster itself is completely ponderous as nothing about it is explained or implied. It apparently does little more than attack sprawling urban meccas and crawl around in lazy circles, howling and dropping off spawn which bear no resemblance to their creator.

A contemporary spin on Godzilla? If that was the intent, it fell short. At least Godzilla had entertaining enemies to battle. The Cloverfield Creature only had moronic twenty-somethings for antagonists, and the battle was entirely one-sided.

Possibly worth a $5 early entry. Certainly not worth the price of full admission. And nothing to expose a potential-suitor to. Unless you want to be rid of her!

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