Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Domestified Daddy

I don't remember where I saw this project (click photo to enlarge) but I have been dwelling on it for a while. It is pretty much just individual servings of hot chocolate in a nice package, gussied up and presented as a Christmas gift.

I cobbled together the pieces a couple of weeks ago. But with Meg in the hospital and my Grandfather's demise, we couldn't get to it as soon as I wanted.

This afternoon, I pulled out all the parts and explained the plan to the kids: 1) I pour two bags of cocoa into a cellophane code, 2) Liam adds three scoops of chocolate chips, 3) Meg adds three scoops of marshmallows, 4) Cindy twists the open end, ties it with a red ribbon, and 5) Adds a label with instructions and all of our signatures.

It went really well. The kids enjoyed it. Cindy and I enjoyed it. It was a fun family activity. And by the end, we made two dozen little bundles of Christmas joy.

I'm going to take everything to work tomorrow and divvy them among my cohorts. They'll probably think Cindy twisted my arm and made me do it. Little do they know it was my own domestified idea.

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