Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One thousand meters later

Today was a "slow day," for my eight week program. While it might look like "slow" + "day" means I take it easy, it was actually the opposite. I ran 100m sprints. And unless my memory is far worse than I know, I think it is the first time in my entire life I've run aaaannnnnyyyy sort of "sprint."

The indoor track is about 150m. So I'd run two thirds the distance (the back sides that go mostly unseen by the sweating masses) and walk the other third.

I ran 10 laps. (10 x 100m = 1000 meters!) It wasn't bad at all. Except the 8th and 9th laps. I was pretty winded by then. Breathing hard during the all-too-brief walking stage. But I slammed the 10th lap, knowing it was the last. It was over before I knew. And it didn't kill me!

I don't know if the corners are tight, or I'm just extremely inept, but I suck at turning. However, for never having done a sprint in my life, I thought I did a fairly good job.

I bet it looked funny to see a 200+ pound computer geek trrrrrrying to run full-tilt without letting people see him. It'd probably be very funny... if it were anyone other than me.

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