Thursday, January 10, 2008

Working it off

Two more hours in the gym today.

Back. Biceps. Cardio.

Twelve miles of running so far this week. At least twelve hundred calories melted off my many layers of blubber.

That's the secret: working it off.

There's simple math lurking behind my madness. One pound of corpulence = 3500 calories. If I work off 1750 calories, that's half a pound I've shed. Combine that with a 1750 calorie reduction in the food I eat each week, I stand to lose a pound of flesh. Keep that up for six months, and that's a potential loss of 24 pounds. The more aggressive I get, the more I stand to lose.

I think it is doable. I think my math is sound. So I'm going to keep trying to work it off.

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