Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McDonald's ain't healthy?

I'd like be optimistic and blame "McDonald's worst December" on the fact that Americans have finally woken up and realized that consuming mass quantities of fast food is the same as inject raw sewage directly into your bloodstream. Maybe the masses woke up and realized that 30% of Americans are "obese," that childhood obesity has gone from 4% of our kids (in the 1970s) to 17% (in the 1990s,) that early childhood diabetes has gone up 350%.

However, I know that I'm stupid for thinking that way. And the conventional wisdom of the "market analysts" says that the decline is due to "weaker consumer spending and weather that kept customers at home."

Well, good to know that it's just "the recession," and not something like a rise in consumer awareness of their health and what they're doing to themselves.

No Cletus, McDonald's ain't healthy.

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