Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gyms and Things

Worked out early. Chest and triceps. Hard for me to warm up in the morning. Especially in winter. Woke me up if nothing else. Everything was easy, after that. Did some running after work. My first 8 minute mile. If I can string three of those together, I'll be a happy old computer dork.

Liam went to Parisi. Prisoner squats. "A" Jumps. Situps. Bear crawls. Burpees. Suicides. Another good day for him. Crazy serious workout. Very very group of him and his continued efforts.

Meg wrote a new story, based on her vocabulary words. She parachuted into the Amazon to find some friendly snakes and peaceful locals. She only needed to write a couple of sentences. Instead she wrote almost two pages. She's the next Hemingway!

And Cindy started college again. First time in more than fifteen years. Going to work on her Nurse Practitioner's degree. If all goes well, she'll finish around December of 2013. Maybe then I can retire and be a House Husband?

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