Sunday, January 30, 2011

Windows & Crowns

Another day, another project. First up, the windows. Dipped into my stash of wood and used the miter saw to trim down enough pieces to fill in the gaps between the body of the window and the wooden studs. Also crafted up some homemade window sills and whatever you call that piece under the sill. (I'm sure it has a name.) Super happy with the results thus far. Some sanding, some Spackle (TM), more sanding, and a shade of paint. Then boom! Done, baby. Done.

And we ended with a woodworking miracle! My father came over to bear witness to it, even. The Patron Saint of Power Tools blessed us an amazing and unprecedented gift. Dad & I measured the four walls for crown work, and I made a grand total of three (THREE!) cuts. (I cut two of the boards at once.) And when we put them up on the wall... Not one... Not two... Not three... but all four of the boards fit perfectly. I've never gotten ONE board in place with a single cut before that. And somehow all four fit perfectly? Thank you, Patron Saint of Power Tools!

Next weekend? Case out the doors and closet. Paint. And we're finally done with Liam's renovation. (Amen.)

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