Saturday, January 22, 2011

Liam's New Fan

Liam's old fan was pretty craptacular. The light armatures were all broken and took up too much space in the room. So I bought a new, smaller, and very modern one. So modern in fact, it has a REMOTE CONTROL. Seriously? We've come to a point in civilization where we need remotes for our fans? (A note on the picture of the old fan. It wasn't normally so dusty. In the photo, it was still crusty with debris from re-finishing the ceiling.) The old one came down pretty easy. It went out to the street as a donation. Maybe it'll find a new home. Or maybe end up on eBay. Godspeed.

Dad came over to help get the new one installed. Everyone should be blessed with an electrician in their family. Especially if he has experience with 40+ year old wiring. Like the stuff in my house. It isn't the same stranding as the stuff being made these days. Dad has to translate it. Also had to figure out where to conceal the clever wireless receive, for the remote control. It was surprisingly large and needed to wedge through a weird loop on the mounting arm. Not to mention the antennae and all the other wires which had to be tucked up there. I mainly provided moral support and heavy lifting. Though my shoulders were damn near dead from the swim last night!
About an hour later, we were done. Flipped up the wall switch, popped batteries in the remote, and VIOLA! It worked the first time out of the gate. The light flicks on and off. The fan flicks on and off. And we can adjust the fan speed. All from one little remote.

Afterwards, we celebrated at my favorite hangout: Mugshots. Dad & Liam had BBQ burgers. I had a Peanut Butter Burger and a couple of ice cold Woodchucks. Then we hugged it out and put a DONE sticker on the project.

Since I was feeling frisky, I rolled to Lowe's, at like 8P, and picked up the needed supplies for the baseboards, windows, and crown molding. The longest boards were sticking eight feet out from the front of my car, like a long pale lance piercing the night on my ride home.

Hope to make a big dent in those projects tomorrow and have everything wrapped up next weekend. This whole thing is lasting longer than some marriages and I'm eager to see the end of it.

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