Friday, January 28, 2011

Hockey Night

Liam sang the nation anthem at a hockey game tonight. Part of a program the team does with the local school systems, I think. He wouldn't let me take any action shots or video out. "That's not cool, Dad," he informed me. Suddenly I'm uncool, eh?

He did a fantastic job. Especially the last portion, "O'er the land of the freeeeee, and the home of the brave." Made us all proud of him. And the home team even won!

Cindy and Gigi left early. Liam went home with a friend. I was starving (since I'd gone directly from work to the game without eating dinner) so Meg and I stopped at Mugshots. I enjoyed the usual Woodchuck with a mighty fine sammich, and Meg colored while telling me about her day.

A good song. A good meal. A good hockey night.

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