Saturday, January 08, 2011

On Saturday

On Saturday, I rolled with the kids to the gym. Back and biceps by myself. Then some time in the pool for all of us. The kids splashed around in the 4' "Aqua fit" pool while I did laps. Only managed about 600 meters. Too distracted with thoughts of them. Alternated between the hot tub and the ice bath aftwards. So cold I could barely breathe. So hot my glasses fogged up. Not sure if I'll take the kids again. Too distracting. And far too loud, even on their best behavior.

For dinner, we went to Andy & Kim's house. They were throwing a Going Away party for Nicky & Rachel, who are moving to Waco, TX. Grilled hotdogs, salsa, spinach dip, chips, Blue Moon, etc. Ate around the fire pit. Took swings at a rocket-shaped pinnate. The kids fired up Rock Band, and Liam made a 100% Perfect score on Eye Of The Tiger. Good times for everyone.  And a long winter's sleep to conclude.

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