Wednesday, January 05, 2011

MOVIE: Catfish (2010)

Been a while since I reviewed any movies. Thought I'd return with an interesting little indie flick that took in a grand total of like $250,000 during its opening weekend in September of 2010.

Catfish is an ultra modern documentary. Meaning YouTube and Facebook and Macs play roles as crucial as any actual humans. It follows on the efforts of a couple of young film makers to record the rapidly-developing and digitally-tangled relationships between a New York photographer (Yaniv), a young girl (Melody) who creates paintings of his photographs, her twenty something sister (Megan), and their mother (Angela.)

Street smart. Thriller. Sublime. Enthralling examination of the continued evolution of dating in the world of social networks and instantaneous communication. All that and a little more. Catfish starts off as an interesting look at the birth of an odd little relationship and warps into an odd, almost unbelievable yet completely disturbing psychological caper. The ending does drag a bit. And it leaves several questions lingering in the air. But there's a strange sense of confusion: was it objective or exploitative? Was it genuine, or fabricated?   I dunno. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Safe for teens, I think. Twenty Somethings will instantly relate to it. Forty Somethings and beyond won't get it. Thirty Somethings continue to be confused if it was real or not, but still enjoy it. I'm thinking a nice, mellow date flick that could inspire an interesting conversation afterwards. Certainly well worth the price of a rental and an hour plus change spent on the sofa.

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