Monday, January 10, 2011

MOVIE: Moon (2009)

An ultra-low budget sci fi flick written and directed by Duncan Jones, Moon is a poignant and engrossing tale about Astronaut Sam Bell and a disturbing discovery he makes near the tail end of his three-year solo stint on the moon. He is supposed to be working, with a droll but privately compassionate robot named GERTY, to mine Helium-3 from the lunar surface and ship it back to Earth in automated torpedoes.

The movies entire budget was $5,000,000. It's US Box Office gross was $5,000,005,677. I don't know anyone who saw it on the Big Screen. But everyone has seen it since has suggested Sam Rockwell (who played Sam Bell) should have been up for an Oscar. Top notch acting. Enormously enthralling plot. Beautiful cinematography (considering the tableau and the budget.) Excellent writing and dialog. There's quite an interesting story but elaborating on it would diminish its impact.  Overall, Moon was far more entertaining than many sci fi movies with twenty times the budget.

Mostly safe for older kids who might like science and or the moon. Probably not flashy enough for the twenty somethings. Could make for a good date flick if all members of the party are partial to the genre. Supremely worth the price of a rental. And definitely Oscar quality. Shame it didn't get the respect it clearly deserves. But I'm glad I gave it a shot.

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