Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Refinishing - Round Two

Flooring Guy returned this morning. Said our efforts this past weekend to remove the water spots were successful. He sanded down the final layer. Removed any sign of scars. And slapped down two (out of three) layers of varnish. Such a dramatic improvement from the original, it is amazing. Well worth the investment.

He has to come back tomorrow morning, for the final layer.And that will complete the refurnishing project.

A bit of foreshadowing for additional pieces of the renovation of Liam's room:

  • Contractors are coming to measure for replacement windows which I hope to have installed ASAP.
  • Troy will be here this weekend to mud and sand the room.
  • I have to hang new closet doors.
  • New paint.
  • New furniture.
  • New fan.
And then I get to sleep and contemplate the NEXT adventure. By the time I'm done, we'll have gutted the house from the inside, while living in it. No small task. Especially for an untrained digital redneck, like me.

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