Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Liam's New Furniture, Part III

Another busy night. After going to the gym (Parisi for Liam, running & core for me) and having dinner, we built Liam's new bed.  Was fun getting it in the house during a torrential down pour while doing 95% of the lifting by myself. The box was pretty beat up from delivery and/or my brute force efforts.

Then we had to make space in his room, unpack the stray parts of bed, inventory all the pieces, and dispose of the mound of trash left behind just from unpacking. That in and of itself was an adventure. Liam asked, "Who taught the Chinese how to pack stuff like this?" And we hadn't even hit step #1 of the instructions.

Then the fun began. But we only put a couple of items together upside down or backwards. Didn't scratch up the new floor. Or the new walls. Or the other new furniture. And Cindy only freaked out twice. (She thought, even though we weren't even half-way done putting it together, the bed was too flimsy.)

By 9:30P, he was asleep in the new bed. Cindy put a nightlight in his room. So he would see if he had to climb down. And she closed the night by telling him, "If you need me, just call, and I'll come help you!" Thankfully there was no nursing or diaper changes involved. And the umbilicus managed to stretch all the way to the top of the bunk.

Sleep well, kid. Sleep well.

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