Monday, January 17, 2011

Liam's New Furniture, Part II

Cindy touched up the paint on the walls and closet. Took out the horizontal shelving by herself! Even painted those, too. Even bought some additional storage containers and organized the thing Liam decided to keep.

With the floors and most of the walls done (couple of spots to patch and some delicate lines to finish) we put most of his new furniture in place. The dresser, smaller cabinet, and futon worked out well. And I brought in a couple of surprise lighting features: a table lamp and matching floor lamp. Modern stuff for a modern kid. A huge change for all of us. But the kids are both growing every day.

Still left to do: assemble his new bed, install the new lamp, new windows, new closet doors, trim work, and casings. And then I'll actually be able to say: DONE!

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