Sunday, January 16, 2011

Liam's Paint Job

Troy finished sanding the drywall and slicking the ceiling this morning. All together, he spent less than 8 hours on a project that would have EASILY taken me three days. He's a Da Vinci with drywall mud. An artist if ever I met one.

Once Troy was done, I tore into the painting. Bought the paints ($30/gallon!!) Shades of gray. A dark one for an accent wall plus an ultra light shade for the other walls. And picked up a new ceiling fan, for later. Cleaned out the closet. Put down the drop clothes. Pulled out all the hardware. Taped up the borders of the accent wall. And then the real work began!

Was in the middle of covering the newly-slicked ceiling with a thick coat of primer + paint and Cindy joined me! She skipped studying to help me  paint. I wrapped up the ceiling while she started on the closet. Then I covered the dark accent wall (which was REAL dark!) After that, I  finished out the closet and Cindy tackled the main walls. And afterwards, she did the bulk of the cleaning without lopping my head off. It was good to work together without issues or confrontations. Both of us on the same frequency for a change. No arguments, just work and cooperation.

In the end, the ceiling looked brand new. The walls were great. The closet was a HUGE improvement. And we only spent two and a half hours on the whole thing.

Hope to have the furniture in tomorrow. Liam's bed ought to be together on Tuesday. Maybe his fan on Wednesday. I'll trim out the ceiling and floor this weekend. The closet doors after that. And we still have a couple of weeks before the windows arrive.

But there's a bright light at the end of this long tunnel.

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