Saturday, January 29, 2011

Liam's Baseboards

My main weapons for this weekend are two of my favorite tools: a Dewalt cordless finishing nailer and a Dewalt miter saw. (It is actually a sliding, compound, dual-bevel, laser-guided miter saw. But who is counting?) Whenever I do trim work in the house, these things are absolutely essential. Between you and me, if it weren't for power tools, I probably wouldn't do half the stuff I do! Much like the gym, working with power tools is more effective and less expensive than therapy. So as long as a project involves them, sign me up!

First thing I had to do was trim down the corner pieces I bought for Liam's room. Sure, I could have put them in there without chopping them, but they would have stuck up too high. And I don't need to give Cindy any excuses to fire up the Gripe Box. So I measured all four corners half a dozen time. Then chopped them down to a point where the top of the baseboards will marry up to the accent on the tops of the corners.  Couple of shots from the finishing nailer and boom pow, corners are in place, ready to rock. No angling required on the corners.

The main event was pretty dull and predictable. Measure measure measure. Cut cut cut. Nail nail nail. A couple of scarf joints for the longer runs. Put down some shoe molding to cover the gaps. Worked around the un-cased door frames and have those sections ready, too. All set for sanding, Spackle (tm), sanding again, and painting.

But next up are the windows and the crown molding. Tomorrow.

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