Thursday, January 06, 2011

MOVIE: Bloodline (2008)

I like a good conspiracy theory. Especially one that involves Jesus, some drunken Frenchmen, and buried treasure. Bloodline has all three. And to top it off, the movie makes itself out to be a documentary. Over three years in the making, British Director Bruce Burgess presents evidence that Jesus (yes, Jesus Chris, Son of Mary & David, King Of The Jesus, etc, etc) married Mary Magdelene, and fathered a child with her. Following the crucifixion, Mary and child fled to the south of France, then went into hiding. To support his claims, Burgess interviews members of a secret society, unveils what he says is the mummified remains of Mary, and attempts to plumb the unbreachable tomb of the legendary Knights Templar.

Bloodlines picks up where The Da Vinci Code left off. If one is willing to accept everything presented, it is fairly interesting, thought provoking, and something of a dramatically paced thriller. Unfortunately, like the author Dan Brown, Bruce Burgess fails to see through the flimsy deceptions of Pierre Plantard and the fictional organization known as the Priory Of Sion  (PoS) is allowed to play a critical link in the long chain of clues needing to be followed to reach a believable conclusion. Personally, I discard everything stemming from the PoS. And there was still some meat on the bone of Bloodlines. Though only a little.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, even though I didn't swallow the whole thing. There were certainly some very interesting portions. And some flimsy ones. Teens with a penchant for conspiracy theory will enjoy it. Not sure it would make any kind of interesting date movie. And it was informative enough to make it the worth price of a rental. Something infotaining for a long, cold weekend.

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